My Switch To 4×4 Suspension

Now that I’ve started a hobby of going on off-roading trips with a few of my cousin’s step-brothers, it has occurred to me how a huge difference 4×4 suspension kits makes to my good ol’ rustbucket—a Ford Ranger that’s still kicking around even after hitting 400k on the odo. I swapped out the Ranger’s old suspension system for a nice kit from the Pedders 4wd suspension range, and I’m amazed at the difference it makes. At least amazed for someone like me who is clearly not a motorhead.

A car’s suspension system helps to stabilize the motions made by the wheels of a moving vehicle. I do like to pack large, so having a good suspension system on my Ranger helps to prevent luggage from bouncing around in my car’s tray.

I tend to use my Ranger for both short and long distance travel, and often put my Ranger’s 4wd capabilities to good use every weekend. Before I had this new suspension system installed, driving through hard terrain (despite owning a 4wd vehicle) can get very uncomfortable. A simple swap-out of my old suspension system for a brand-spanking new one made all the difference!

There are tons of different suspension kits in the market, and some suspension kits may not be suitable for your vehicle. I almost made the silly mistake of purchasing a sport suspension kit instead, thinking I’d get the best of both words—performance and comfort like you would get in one of those fancy Land Rovers. I mean, I spend most of my hours driving in the metropolitan traffic so much more than driving on gravel and grass, so it made sense that I would consider a suspension system more suitable for tarmac driving.

But I was informed that even a solid 4wd suspension kit offers the same benefit as a regular suspension system, so long as I’m not doing any races on the streets. Which I’m not! So I went for a dedicated 4wd suspension system (which made my ride height a little higher, which certainly made me feel a little bigger on the road).

And it was a good decision on my part. Much of the roads I take during my weekend trips are full of potholes, and my Ranger glides over these obstacles like ice. Well, maybe not like ice, but by golly I could have ran over a rabbit by accident and not realize it at all because of how smooth my ride is now!

So yeah, I am pretty stoked about swapping out my Ranger’s suspension system for a new one. It makes driving fun again.

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